Its me!

Hi I’m Emily Yates..

This is my little blonde world.

I’m 20, a Hair Stylist based in Lancashire, and yes.. you guessed it, I’m blonde! I love all things fashion, I’m a Topshop enthusiast not to mention my on going, growing make up obsession. I love my life but I’m always growing and looking forward to the next chapter whatever that may be. I love adventures and exploring new, crazy and different things- I’ll try anything (almost) feel free to try me. Most of my adventures I do along side my boyfriend Martyn who I’m sure you’ll notice in my foreseeable blog posts and not to mention my -not on planet earth- crazy best friends. I’m a self admitted crazy dog lady, so expect a few dog posts too after all they’re all very much in my little world too.

I have another serious obsession for hair, some would call it passion, I love my job working in a busy salon making people look and feel beautiful every day. My favourite pastime (or procrastination as you could say) is scrolling through Instagram and looking for the cutest, wackiest and weirdest hair styles. I’m a blonde at heart and mind (yes I admit it) always have been and always will be, no matter what shade…

I love to travel, as much as I love clothes and all things materialistic like any 20 year old girl, but with that said I wouldn’t give two thoughts to go and explore a new place over any object bought (unless its a plane ticket). Memories come from seeing and doing things and that is something I live by. With that thought, when is my next holiday?

Here you can nosey into my little world if you’re interested enough (I hope so) and watch my thoughts and adventures run away with me…

So this is my outlook on the wide world and instead of trapping all my daily thoughts, sometimes struggles and adventures in this little brain of mine I’m going to blog it all… so wish me luck and enjoy xox

feel free to contact me with whatever it is you wish to contact me about.img_4206-2img_2915img_4047