Koh Samui Meets This Little Blonde

Welcome To The Islands!🏝

If you’re still following Ive just finished in Koh Samui! Although getting there was a bit of a ball ache I MADE IT! (It’s all part of it). 

Well it’s true what they say the islands are some of the most beautiful views I’ve ever seen!

We flew from Phnom Penh ➡️ Surat Thani, which had the smallest oldest little airport I’ve ever seen! (Even smaller than Blackpool’s!!) 
We had to stay a night in Surat Thani (there isn’t much to do here it was just a layover for us really) to then get the ferry across to Koh Samui the next morning.

I once thought I was sea sick but seems I’m not so that’s a bonus!!

Samui- Where To Stay?

So we knew we wanted a chilled, cheap one in Koh Samui, consisting of nice meals and lying on the beach!

Koh Samui is now quite touristy which even though we’re travelling we’re actually trying to avoid resort-type places (sometimes you just have to go with it though). Samui has an airport so we found it was full of resorts and families which is lovely but we only spent two days here before heading to Koh Phangan which I think was more than enough!

There’s Two Main Parts Of Samui

  • Chaweng

Which is the most popular place, it’s abit more lively at night there’s more bars and restaurants. We heard it’s more expensive than Lamai. It has a beautiful main beach with white sands and it’s super picturesque! However it is abit more popular and resorty so if you’re having a holiday it’s great for that type thing!

Because we wanted to save abit before the rest of the islands (the calm before the storm) we decided to stay in Lamai, which we’d heard and read all about!

  • Lamai

Lamai is next to Chaweng and you could easily spend time in both areas if you wanted! Although when we arrived we had a bit of a disaster with our apartment, the first being there was no check in desk and no one to ask how we even got into our apartment before finding we had to ring them to come to open it to check us in so we waited for half an hour and then they came thank the lord!

Then… we were inside the apartment room and I nipped out to the shop and Martyn stayed in, when I came back to open the door it was completely jammed and Martyn was locked inside and I was locked outside, it really wouldn’t budge and panic set in! After our Russian friends from two doors down helped and climbed through the windows to get inside there was still no luck it wasn’t budging so we rang the manager and 4 hours later he turned up and fixed it and we were free!!

Anyway Lamai….

Lamai is beautiful it’s a lot quieter than Chaweng but has a similar vibe! (Which is what we wanted). Our apartment was a two minute walk from the beach so we just chilled there all day!

The beach had the whitestsoftest sand that just made you want to dig your toes in it! It was official we had reached paradise for the next few weeks!

The food was lovely and similar to all Thai food we’d recently had! I’d say it was still more expensive than other places though however this is due to the tourism and on average not as good as the other food I’ve been eating! Saying that I had the best Thai green curry ever and in the cutest setting- except the mozzy bites (apart from when I made my own on that cooking class in Chiang Mai) 

Na Muang Waterfall 2

We made a concious effort to try and fill our days so we decided to treck up to this waterfall! I felt like Tarzan and Jane it was so fun climbing up to it! The views were stunning as most waterfalls are!


I was one ANGRY Little Blonde girl when I saw elephant riding on the way up! These beautiful animals with 3 fully grown humans on its back being beaten with a metal pole just for a few selfies while it’s being beaten!!! We were walking up and could hear the elephants crying in pain!

This is a massivemassive issue in South East Asia and people need to really STOP RIDING ELEPHANTS!! So if this blog makes at least one less person ride an elephant I’ll be happy! It’s so wrong! You could see the sadness in ever inch of them and it was a complete contrast to how I’d seen them last at the sanctuary in Chiang Mai!

If you want to see these beautiful animals do it in their natural habitat while they’re enjoying human contact like the sanctuary I did because they’re deffo not enjoying being rode and beaten!!


So That’s Koh Samui… 

Short and sweet as we didn’t get up to much but enough to tell a few tales!

My next blog will be all about my time in Koh Phangan and what we got up….

This Little Blonde is over and out.. until the next blog✌🏽🌏🇹🇭


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