This Little Blonde’s Travel Tale (Bangkok➡️ Cambodia)

Getting The Bus To Cambodia Turned Into a Story Of Its Own!

So what was supposed to be simple turned out to be the opposite! Here is the story about what we thought would be an easy journey to get the bus to Cambodia!

Get yourself comfy, here goes…

We set off with 90 mins to spare for our journey as Google said 45 minute journey.
We got the metro which was very impressive and also very sophisticated. After a half an hour ride we arrived at our “destination” to find that the actual bus stop was a 40 minute walk away with a park and motorway in between the park only had one entrance and one exit meaning we couldn’t go straight across, it was like a maze!

So we walked through it anyway hoping there was another exit to find, yeah... there wasn’t. It was a long line of high spiked fence with a 10 lane motorway on the opposite side…

We looked at our clock to find we only had 20 minutes before our 750Baht bus to Cambodia set off, sweats were on…
So we decided to attempt to climb the fence and deal with the motorway once we’d managed it!
I went first, gracefully (of course) hurdling myself over avoiding the huge spikes 5cm away from my bum, while cars where flying by pipping and laughing.. Success! I made it, Martyn threw bags over and followed.

By this point, in 30 degree heat, huge backpacks on our backs, dripping with sweat and coming to the realisation we were probably going to miss our bus, we spotted a small under passing below the motorway and thought it’d be a great idea to go under there.

As we made it down we found a row of little local Thai huts and shops and a way around them to our right, so we headed that way…

As the other side of the motorway came into sight we were suddenly surrounded by 5 or more large, aggressive, barking dogs clearly telling us we shouldn’t be walking this way, we were soon turning around!

After finally asking a local (who was also laughing at the state of us both), we followed the slip road onto the motorway to find two police men directing traffic and we asked them where to go he said we couldn’t cross here and had to go all the way round back in the direction we came – not a chance with 10 minutes on the clock!!

We obviously ignored this and walked the other way in the hope there was a bridge to cross (there wasn’t). As we were walking down I’d never been so thankful for bangkok rush hour traffic as it caused a standstill on our side of the motorway which allowed us to cross to the middle – half way there! 

Luckily the other side wasn’t half as busy so we made it fully across! Next job… finding the bus station.

We saw what we thought was the bus station and our way to it with 5 minutes on the clock, feeling slightly relieved we made our way towards it… only to find it wasn’t the bus station we needed! Panic had truly set in now!
Martyn looked at the map and realised it was at the other side to this one so we ran as best we could with flip flops on!
The night before we had planned to get there with plenty of time and have a nice breakfast, chilled out, waiting to set off, however with 2 minutes to go, any chance of getting food or water was long gone.

We entered the bus station and checked our tickets and saw the platform our bus was at and thankfully it was sat there waiting for us.
I’ve never felt relief like it! How we made it (and without actually killing each other) I’ll never know but I was one hungry girl and needed a nap.
The coach was an old but spacious and thankfully had air con!

We made it!!!

Cambodia bound🇰🇭➡️✅


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