This Little Blonde Goes To Pai 

Pai Has Stole My Little Blonde Heart💕

I’m back again! So I’m really getting the hang of this travelling thing now (you’d like to think so eh) 


My travelling thoughts:

“I mean it’s just so exciting always having something to be excited about and it’s always good vibes. Everyone is in the same shoes, without a care in the world except what you’re doing and where you’re going next! All vanity goes, and all that really matters is what kind of person you are, it really opens your eyes to what’s important in life. The conversations are so interesting, everyone has their own story and are ready to share it with you”

Our hostel did a great job providing quotes to encourage these thoughts✨


for those who are in Chiang Mai, or ever get the opportunity to go, please put Pai on the map! The place is amazing, it’s definitely worth the 3 hour bus journey on winding roads to get there (not to mention 3 travel sickness tablets!!) and I just can’t stress how much fun I’ve had here! 

So after the dreaded journey we arrived and my first impressions of Pai where the best yet! Even tho I had such an awesome time in Chiang Mai…

  1. Very Rural
  2. Quiet village
  3. Beautiful

There’s scooters everywhere because there’s no other way to get around really (apart from walk) 

We then headed to our hostel..

The Famous Pai Circus Hostel

It was about a 15 minute walk from the centre as it was up on the top of the hills resulting in such a cool view!

Our room was a little private hut in the middle of what used to be a farm so it was very very rural (all the bugs we slept with proved this- and I didn’t even mind believe it or not!!), you basically showered outside- overall a real fun different experience compared to normal hostel dorms what we were used to by now!

It had a real good vibe with a bar, pool, pool table and chill area with hammocks and stuff if you’re looking for a hostel to meet people and have fun this is hostel is the one!! (Only if you don’t mind being woken up in the morning by a cockerill shouting cock a doodle dooo or whatever they say) 

We knew then we had fallen in love with Pai, we then headed into town had a mooch around then chilled at the hostel where we met some really really cool, sound people who then headed to a bar called “Sunset” and had THE FUNNIEST night ever….. I’ll spare you the details so you’ll  just have to take my word that is was SO fun!!

Day 2 Exploring Pai…

So with a super stinking hangover we had breakfast (which I then threw up later on😊)  and got picked up in another open pick up truck to go on our tour for the day!

What Did We Visit?

  • Lod Cave

This was a cool stop! We got assigned local village guides who had cute lanterns and showed us round the cave! It felt abit like A Harry Potter scene. Occasionally the guide would compare stalactites to animals what they looked like (the only English they could speak but the effort the locals go to to try to speak is incredible considering it’s US in THEIR town)

  • Kui Lom Viewpoint

Basically just a part in the mountains where you can see for miles! You’d think with Pai being so high up there would be amazing views everywhere which is partially the case but because it’s all the trees and jungle it’s often blocked by trees so this was a good quick stop off on the tour!

  • Sai Ngam Hot Springs

We pulled up again in what felt like the middle of no where and made our way down the path to find these lovely Hot Springs, a pool of hot very clean water with a mini waterfall it was very picturesque  (the million photos I took proves this haha) and I felt as if I was having an outdoor natural spa day- it totally wiped my hangover away! (Thank god) 

  • Mor Pang Waterfall

Again in the middle of no where we got dropped off on some dirt track with a path what opened out to this stunning waterfall!


We climbed up to the top and were just watching a few crazy eggs slide into the water down the waterfall (I’m just not that daring to copy I’m afraid), the view was phenomenal up there though! This is kinda one of those things where the pictures speak for themselves!

  • Pai Canyon 

This was the last stop it was around 5:45 (local time) now we headed up to the top and wowwww it was like a mini Grand Canyon (the only way I can describe it- typical Blonde world style). We climbed up and down the little dirt paths super high up with a very daunting drop (one point I even crawled it was that scary) then went and sat with all the other backpackers and view chasers and watched the sunset from the top of the canyon, it was magical to say the least.

After a jam packed day of exploring we were wiped out and stuffed our faces full of noodles and chicken in cashew nut (again my favvvvvourite meal) before heading back to the hostel for beers n chills!

So that’s Pai ticked off!✅

We’re currently heading back to Chiang Mai and you know it’s always the little things that make me stop and think wow this is so cool yet so surreal, one example being we’re sharing this tiny minibus with a monk and he’s such a happy soul!

We have absolutely no plan right now and you could call us homeless in so many words as we make our next moves to Cambodia we’re hoping to get the night train back to Bangkok and go from Bangkok➡️ Cambodia as its the only way! The next day or so we’re going to just be travelling!

Again, a massive thanks to those who are following our adventure and I hope you’re enjoying it but not quite as much as I’m enjoying living it…

This Little Blonde is over and out… for now xxx


2 thoughts on “This Little Blonde Goes To Pai 

  1. This is absolutely lovely Emily. When I am am about to read the next chapter of your journey I do a little wiggle and get comfy in my seat lol Gail ❤️

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