A Little Blonde Goes To Chiang Mai 

Well We Made It To Chiang Mai..

I am definitely the happiest little soul living my DREAM at the moment✨

WOW did it feel amazing to get out of Bangkok, like I said, a few days there is more than enough! Getting to Chiang Mai and first impressions were better than Bangkok, I knew then I was going to love it!

  1. Rural
  2. Green
  3. Cute vibes
  4. Hot

After the train we jumped on a bus taxi (the best way to get around publicly) and got to our hostel where we decided our plans for the next 3 days!

What To Do And What We Did In Chiang Mai…

  • An Evening Cooking Class!

This was Martyn’s idea I was abit aphrensive at first as it cost 800Baht (£20) which is a lot in backpacker terms considering a meal costs 50Baht! However he was totally right (I say through gritted teeth…. again) it was such an amazing experience! We went and started by choosing the meals we wanted to learn.

Then went to the market to pick ingredients fresh!

I made…

-Chicken with cashew nuts (my favourite Thai dish) 

Chicken in coconut milk (exceeded expectations) 

Thai green curry and we even made the paste from scratch too (amaaaaazing)

Spring rolls (who knew I was such a connoisseur)

This experience really made us understand Thai food and how all the ingredients work together! It really opened our eyes to trying different food from there on out! 10/10 experience! 

  • Elephant Jungle Sanctuary 

Getting up at 5:30am was totally worth it for the amazing day ahead!

We got aboard an open back pick up truck and headed up the mountains into the jungle down the biggest dirt tracks I’ve ever seen! When we arrived we saw these amazing animals just roaming around doing as they pleased, eating- always eating (an animal after my own heart). 

We got told to put the uniforms on to feed the elephants as they remember the correlation between the uniforms and food. We fed the elephants for about 2 hours putting “Bon-Bon” (bananas) into the elephants mouth. 

We then took the elephants to the “mud spa” where we bathed the elephants in mud and put it all over their skin as it’s really good for it!

Following that walked them to the river and washed all the mud off them! They were even rolling around in the river and squirting water at us through their trunks. Having an elephant literally 5cm infront of you while they’re loving you throw water on them is such a humbling experience I won’t be forgetting in a hurry!

As we where in a national park there was a huge waterfall a few metres through the jungle.

Once we had finished with the elephants the group headed for the waterfall and was climbing up and jumping off into the water! (I say this but it took me about 10 minutes of chanting to get me finally jump) 💦 sorry mum🤦🏼‍♀️

This is experience is a truly amazing one, interacting with elephants who are loving human contact learning all about them and finally moving on from the cruelness of being ridden and their trainers hitting them with giant hooks!! 

If you’re going to use an organisation for this I’d 100% recommend “Elephant Jungle Sanctuary” 


  • Wat Phra That Doi Suthep

A beautiful temple up on the mountain Doi Suthep! We organised a day trip for 180Baht (£4.50) where another open pick up truck (we met a lovely group of people in the truck, two from Iran living in America and two Chinese boys, the conversations were very interesting) took us up the winding roads of the mountain to reach the number one Temple of Chiang Mai with also the best viewpoint of Chiang Mai and yes it was sooo worth it!! 

  • Bhubing Palace

A palace used to accommodate the Royal Family on their state visits to Chiang Mai! This was also in the mountains and on the way to the Wat Phra That Doi Suthep Temple! It had the most beautiful gardens and greenery I’ve seen in Chiang Mai! 

  • Night Markets

Exploring Chiang Mai’s famous “Night Markets” was another added extra experiencing Thai culture selling and bartering away all sorts of weird and wonderful objects, such as hand made sculptures and dozens of those loose patterned pants you see every single traveller own outfit (including me).

So after we found out Martyn’s dirty Calvin Klien boxers got stollen out of his washing bag along with his deodorant off the little Thai maid (we couldn’t believe it either and couldn’t help but cry with laughter that such thing had happened- WHO STEALS DIRTY BOXERS???). He had to barter himself a few new pairs of the best “genuine fakes” he could whilst I’m laughing alongside the full time at the situation!

We then grabbed the best street food (if you’re able to go please do), words and pictures don’t do justice for how amazing the food is! I now understand how they never get sick of noodles and Thai curry it’s truly amazing!

  • Explore Old Town Chiang Mai

As a backpacker you get this impression you always have to have something planned and being busy doing something! However it’s not the case, just take some time to explore the place you’re in and the amazing surroundings try the local food for 40baht a meal (£1) and enjoy it! There’s also plenty of little temples dotted around to take a nosey at or spend your days Temple hopping however with the time frame we had we only managed to do a few!

So that’s Chiang Mai summed up as best I can. I could go on for days…. I doubt you’d want to read for days though! 

I’m currently on an infamous tiny mini bus driving through the mountains on winding roads for three hours to get to a small rural town called Pai. (It has a sick bag tied to your seat, I think that says enough) 

So… Next stop➡️ Pai🌿

Also thank you to those following our adventure✨🇹🇭📸


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