A Little Blonde All Aboard The Sleeper Train- Bangkok➡️ Chiang Mai 

Heading North…

So 2 days ago we headed to the train station to book the sleeper train to Chiang Mai which is in North Thailand🇹🇭

When we got to the train station a lovely lady helped us with all the information we needed then pointed us in the direction to book our tickets at the “Foreigners Advanced Ticket Booking Office” (yes it still feels weird being called a foreigner). I hate to admit but at first we thought she was trying to rip us off but it turned out it was her job and she was just nice (don’t always assume the worst guys).

What Is A Sleeper Train?

What it says on the tin basically! A train that heads to your destination overnight and a lovely little Thai lady turns your seats into a bed (bunk beds) with sheets, a pillow , a “mattress” and a curtain to cover you whilst sleeping and catching flies!!

What Tickets Did We Get?

  • 2nd Class Coach (however the trains have been updated so the old first class carriages are now the new second class carriages and the new first class even nicer) costing – 1440Baht £36 (£18 each)
  • Air Conditioning (it’s a little more expensive and to be perfectly honest it’s rather chilly with it – I mean we were wearing hoodies and long pants for the first time since arriving, I woke up cold for the first time in days!) 
  • Departure Time – 18:10 local time
  • Arrival Time in Chiang Mai- Supposed to arrive at 7:15 but we arrived at 7:25 local time, 10 minutes is nothing!
  • Separate Sex Carriages (I’m in female and Martyn’s in mixed). However that’s only because we booked it rather late and that’s what they had left, I could go and chill with Martyn for a few hours but he couldn’t come in the female carriages so when beds got made I headed back to my home for the night!
  • Both Of Us Were Upper Bunk (it wasn’t bad however if you get the option always go lower bunk, it’s easier, you feel closer to your bag therefore more security and when beds are made you can chill in your area without heading to bed up out the way)

Words Of Advice?

  1. Bring Snacks! We brought our tea as it was an awkward time to eat beforehand and didn’t want to buy the train food as it’s overpriced and rubbish!
  2. Book a little earlier in advance! Although it was still fine to book on, if you’re really bothered about being bunked next to each other you need to book earlier than two days beforehand! Luckily we aren’t too fussed!
  3. Arrive earlier for departure just to be safe because it sets off dead on time and if there’s any problems along the way (luckily we had none and still arrived an hour early) then you aren’t getting the train
  4. Take A hoodie, pants, socks and eye mask! Trust me you need them!
  5. Most importantly embrace it and have fun!!! Yes it’s small and a surreal strange experience but it’s also super fun. It feels like you’re on a massive sleepover and it’s a great way to head North (especially backpacking, it’s cheap and almost everyone is doing the same as you) 

Its a great travelling experience so I’d urge travellers heading North or even back from Chiang Mai to Bangkok to do it! It saves you a night in a hostel, you sleep and wake up at your destination and it’s another thing to say you’ve done✅

It’s now time to explore Chiang Mai, wish us luck🇹🇭🌏


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